Despite their family tragedy, the Aisenbergs say they are moving forward. "We are a strong family. We've raised our family with a lot of love," Marlene says. "We've always been honest, and we talk and communicate about absolutely everything."

The Aisenbergs make a choice every day to not dwell on the past, they say. "Our whole goal was to look forward," Steve says. "We can't change that she was taken. All we can do is try and affect how we can get her home by getting her picture out."

Moving on doesn't mean forgetting, the Aisenbergs say. "There's always a hole, some piece of us missing. But she's in our hearts every single day. William once said when he was 8 or 10 years old that she's not in our everyday lives but she's in our hearts every day," Marlene says. "I do believe she will come home and be in our everyday lives one day."

The Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office declined to be interviewed, but their chief legal counsel issued this statement: "The criminal investigation into the disappearance of Sabrina Paige Aisenberg is active and ongoing. It is not, I want to emphasize, a cold case. There is no noncriminal explanation for the disappearance of a 5-month-old baby from her crib in the middle of the night. Either someone kidnapped the baby and violated state and federal law, or the parents know what happened to the baby and have not been forthcoming about it. Either way, that behavior would be criminal. We are going to continue to investigate as is standard and our expressed policy. We have no further comment. The Aisenbergs and others are still subjects of the ongoing and active investigation."


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