Though it's been more than a decade since Sabrina's disappearance, the Aisenbergs remain hopeful that she will return home. "I believe that Sabrina could be watching this herself," Marlene says. "She's 12 years old now. She could be on the Internet. She's going to look at her brother and sister in the audience today and she's going to see that 'I look like them. I look like those two kids.'"

William, Sabrina's older brother, was 8 when she was abducted. Her sister, Monica, was 4. "I remember I used to go into her room sometimes right when I woke up and just look at her," Monica says. "That's pretty much the extent of what I remember from her, but I did it every day, so I remember it. I definitely miss her a lot."

The Aisenbergs believe vital information could come from anywhere. "Somebody who knows the family she's with right now could see your show today and say, 'Wow, I heard the story of how they got this child and when you look at this story, that story doesn't add up,'" Marlene says.


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