The news of Jaycee Dugard's rescue gives the Aisenberg family a renewed sense of hope, Marlene says. "I'm so happy for them to have Jaycee home. But I sit and say, 'When's it going to be my turn?' I'm thrilled for them, but I want it to happen for us too," she says.

Steve says he believes police presume Sabrina is dead and that's part of the reason Sabrina hasn't been found. "The authorities did a great job of looking for a body, but they didn't do a great job looking for a baby. We always said: 'Look for our daughter. She's out there,'" he says. "Those critical days where they were looking for a body instead of a baby has enabled whoever took Sabrina to keep her longer."

The cloud of suspicion surrounding the Aisenbergs made it more difficult to look for Sabrina and move on as a family, Steve says. "We have two other children in our home that we're trying to raise and protect and help make their future bright," he says. "So it's a balancing act of trying to do what we need to with our attorneys to disprove what we're being accused of and also trying to get Sabrina's age progression picture out there so we can try and find our daughter."


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