When abducted children return home safely, the news makes headlines. In 2003, 15-year-old Elizabeth Smart was saved after going missing for nine months. Shawn Hornbeck, snatched off his bicycle at 11 years old and gone for four years, returned home in 2007. Most recently, 29-year-old Jaycee Dugard was reunited with her family after being abducted 18 years ago.

These miracles are more than just uplifting news items. They give hope to families across the country, like the Aisenberg family, who are searching for a missing child.

On November 24, 1998, 5-month-old Sabrina Aisenberg vanished from her Florida home. "This morning, someone came into our home and took our baby, Sabrina Paige, out of her crib," Sabrina's mother, Marlene, said in a press conference. An intense search ensued, and eventually the Aisenbergs became the center of the investigation.

Concerned that Marlene didn't appear upset enough and that her husband, Steve, was smiling with investigators, detectives got permission to plant electronic bugs in their house and secretly recorded more than 60 conversations. Those tapes led police to charge the Aisenbergs with conspiracy and lying to investigators. Eventually, the couple was cleared and the case was dismissed, but Sabrina was never returned home. Today, she would be 12 years old.


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