Haste Makes Waste
While saving leftovers is second nature for some people, a surprising number of Americans consider leftovers waste and automatically toss them in the trash. In fact, the USDA estimates that the average American family throws away 14 percent of their food—or almost $600 worth per year.

So whether it's a lemon peel, bacon grease or day-old coffee, why not find a way to make use of it?

  • Meat drippings: Freeze in ice cube trays as gravy base.
  • Raw meat scraps, bones and skin: Simmer to make soup base.
  • Bacon grease: Use for sautéing.
  • Citrus skin: Use zest in baking.
  • Coffee: Make iced coffee drinks.
  • Flat beer: Create a base for fondue.
  • Flat soda: Make a tenderizing marinade.
  • Bread: Toast into croutons, or blitz into crumbs.


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