There's one Oklahoma City bombing survivor Oprah will never forget. She first met P.J. in 1995, just two days after the explosion. He was 19 months old and one of only six children who made it out alive.

P.J. had burns over half of his tiny body, and his lungs were irreversibly damaged. Doctors weren't sure if he'd survive.

Fourteen years later, P.J. is alive and thriving. He's now free of the tracheotomy tube he wore for years to help him breathe. "Without the trach, I can go to school with everybody else," he says. "I was so excited, the first thing I did was I learned how to swim. … I'm more hopeful now, and I try harder because I know that God has a plan for me."

P.J. still receives two breathing treatments every day, but he has big dreams for the future. Someday, he says he'd like to go to college and become a mechanical engineer. "I believe he's going to make it," Oprah says.


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