Since that tragic day, the bombing site has been transformed into a moving memorial, which is made up of 168 empty chairs for the 168 lives lost. Two of those chairs belong to Colton and Chase, brothers who were among the 19 children killed in the building's daycare.

Their mother, Edye, was working a few blocks away when the bomb exploded and her life changed forever. For years, Edye says she suffered from intense grief. "I felt empty inside, and I couldn't imagine myself ever being happy again," she says. "I was hopeful, but I couldn't see it."

Today, Edye has two children, 11-year-old Glenn and M.J., who just turned 3. After getting rid of the negative in her life, Edye says she reached a turning point. "Within the past four years or so I've been able to really discover who I am and to just be happy," she says.


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