Times Square New Year's Eve

Photo: Countdown Entertainment, LLC

The Times Square Celebration
  • 60,000: The most wishes the Times Square Alliance has received in a given year. The wishes, written on colorful scraps of paper, rain down on the celebration with about 1 ton of confetti. (Times Square Alliance and Countdown Entertainment)

  • $3,200: The cost per person to get a direct view of the ball drop at the Marriott Marquis's "The Ultimate New Year's Eve Times Square Party"

  • 1 million: The number of revelers who come to Times Square to ring in the New Year.

  • 127 decibels: The sound of a vuvuzela (fireworks top out at 150 decibels—you can expect both in Times Square).

  • 40: The years that Dick Clark led TV viewers across the world into the next year on "New Year's Rockin Eve." This will be the first celebration without the host who passed away in April. Ryan Seacrest will lead the show this year.
Smoking costs

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For a Better 2013
  • $2,419.95: The average amount an American pack-a-day smoker could save by quitting smoking this year. (If you quit smoking and bought a gym membership, you'd still save to the tune of $1,000.)

  • 16.2: The percentage of American women who are getting the recommended amount of exercise regularly. (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention)

  • 81: The number of minutes the average woman spends on Facebook every day.
Popping Champagne

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Bring on the Bubbly
  • 49 million: The number of bubbles in a bottle of Champagne.

  • 25: The percentage of all Champagne sold in America that is purchased between Christmas and New Year's Day.

  • 45 degrees: The angle at which you should hold a Champagne bottle before popping.

  • 45 degrees: The perfect temperature to serve Champagne.

  • 50 mph: The top speed of a cork leaving a Champagne bottle.
Tournament of Roses

Photo: Pasadena Tournament of Roses

Roses on Parade
  • 41: The number of floats in the Tournament of Roses Parade.

  • 18 million: The estimated number of flowers used in the parade. End to end, they could extend from New York to Los Angeles three times. That's 1.5 million bouquets. Gee, if only they could last till Valentine's Day...

  • 84,300 pounds: The record for heaviest single-chassis float, set last year by the Natural Balance Pet Foods float in the 2011 parade.

  • 39 million: The number of Americans who watched the 2012 parade on TV.
New Year's hat

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The New Year's Grab Bag: Pickles, Lucky Grapes and More!
  • 700: The weight in pounds of the first ball that dropped in NYC on New Year’s Eve in 1907.

  • 19: The number of years Dillsburg, Pennsylvania, has ceremoniously dropped...a pickle. Actually, two pickles: They drop Mrs. Pickle at 7 p.m. and Mr. Pickle at midnight.

  • 12: The number of grapes to eat as the clock strikes midnight for prosperity in the coming year, according to a Spanish tradition.

  • 45: The percentage of Americans who usually make resolutions.

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