Adirondack Mountains, New York
Two men and a dog enjoy the gloaming at the North Woods Club in New York's Adirondack Mountains.
New Orleans
New Orleans is the home of one of America's most original, true art forms: jazz.
San Francisco
What's more American than the start of the high school football season in September? Here, a team in San Francisco runs through a banner held by cheerleaders.
Venice Beach
A stretch of concrete extending to the sand attracts skateboarders to a park in Venice Beach, a section of Los Angeles that is home to street artists, beach bars and the bohemian lifestyle.
Yellowstone National Park, Montana
Membership in Montana's exclusive Yellowstone Club guarantees access to some of the Gallatin Mountains' best skiing runs just miles from Yellowstone National Park.
Arlington National Cemetery
A member of the United States Navy plays "Taps" for the honored dead.

Photo: Peter Essick/Aurora Photos/National Geographic

Yucca Mountains, Nevada
Members of a Shoshone Indian tribe take part in a ritual on the side of Yucca Mountain in southern Nevada.

Photo: Steve Raymer/National Geographic

Times Square, New York
Is there a neighborhood more synonymous with urban hustle and bustle than New York City's Times Square? Home to seemingly endless blinking lights, giant billboards, honking cabs, wandering tourists and live theater, it has earned the nickname of "the Crossroads of the World."
A mechanic and his dog take in a late-day lean in Vermont's fresh air.