Gerry says he left dinner at 9 p.m. on the night of Madeleine's disappearance to check on his children. Usually, the parents just checked for crying, Gerry says, but that evening he noticed the door to the bedroom that his three kids shared was open more than the tiny bit he'd left it. "So I actually stepped into the room, and the twins were sound asleep and Madeleine was lying in her bed exactly where she was when I left," he says.

After leaving the apartment, Gerry says he ran into another hotel guest, whom he stopped to talk to. "During that time, [a friend from dinner] went to check on her children, and it was at that point—she was just past us—she saw a man carrying a young girl," he says. "She saw me there—she'd seen that I'd just been in the apartment—so at the time she thought it was something off, but it didn't raise enough alarm bells to challenge the person with anything."

The McCanns believe that the man their friend saw was carrying Madeleine. "[Our friend] described independently the pajamas that Madeleine had on, [but] she didn't see the child's face," he says. 


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