At 10 p.m., Kate says she went into the apartment and didn't hear any crying. However, she did notice, like Gerry did, that the door was open wider than usual. "I thought, 'Matt must have gone in and left the door open, so I'll just close it again.' As I went to close it, it slammed shut like a draft had caused it to shut," she says. "So then I opened the door thinking, 'I'll open it ajar a bit again,' and that was when I looked into the room, and it was quite dark. I was looking and looking at Madeleine's bed, and I was thinking, 'Is that her?'"

Kate went into the room and saw that Madeleine wasn't in her bed. "Then I thought, 'Maybe she's wandered to our bed and that's why the door is open,'" she says. "So I went through to our bedroom, and she wasn't there, and then I'm kind of starting to panic." Kate says she ran back into the children's room, and at that moment the curtains flew open and she saw that the shutter was open. "That was when I knew that someone had taken her," she says. "It was obvious, because a child could not open those shutters."


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