Lorena and John Wayne Bobbitt
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In the early '90s, a young couple from Virginia was involved in a story that many people will never forget. In June 1993, 24-year-old Lorena Bobbitt became known as the woman who cut off her husband's penis with a carving knife.

On the night of the infamous assault, Lorena says her husband, John Wayne Bobbitt, came home drunk and sexually assaulted her, a charge he denied and was acquitted of.

Later that night, Lorena went into the kitchen, picked up a knife and returned to the bedroom to cut off her sleeping husband's penis. Then, she got into her car and started driving. Somewhere along the dark highway, she rolled down the window and threw his penis onto the side of the road. Hours later, a search team found the severed penis, and surgeons were able to reattach it.
Lorena Bobbitt's trial played out for weeks on TV.
Soon after, Lorena was taken into custody and charged with malicious wounding. Her trial played out for weeks on television.

Lorena's defense team argued temporary insanity and claimed she was the victim of long-term physical and emotional abuse. "In her mind, it was his penis from which she could not escape which caused her the most pain. The most fear. The most humiliation," Lorena's lawyer said.

During the trial, Lorena also testified that she didn't remember cutting off John's penis. Eventually, the jury found Lorena not guilty by reason of insanity.
Lorena talks about being abused, mentally and physically.
After Lorena and John divorced, she started going by her maiden name. That's not the only thing that's changed. Now, Lorena is a mother, real estate agent and domestic abuse advocate.

To this day, Lorena maintains that she was a domestic violence victim, but she says it's hard to think about. "Once you are hurt that way and abused mentally, your mind just basically tries to shut down," she says.

Lorena says John hit her, degraded her and called her things like "Spanish whore" during their six-year marriage. "Every time, he apologized. I went back to the hole and said: 'Okay, I'm going to save my marriage.' I'm embarrassed to say I was a victim of domestic violence," she says. "I was very, very scared that he was going to do something."

John has always denied Lorena's allegations of abuse against him.
Lorena also says she doesn't remember what happened the night she cut off John Wayne Bobbitt's penis.
Lorena also says she still doesn't remember exactly what happened the night she cut off John's penis. "I remember I was sleeping, and definitely, he jumped onto me," she says. "After that, it was just like a tunnel going through my mind."

The next thing she knew, Lorena says she was behind the wheel of her car, driving her usual route to work. The unusual part was that it was 3 a.m., and she was holding a knife in one hand and a severed penis in the other. "I saw the knife with me in one hand, and then I realized, 'I guess I killed somebody,'" she says. "My mind wasn't there. I was definitely insane."

Lorena says she remembers having a hard time driving, so she rolled down the window and tossed out whatever was in her hand. "I threw whatever was the most convenient I think for turning the wheel," she says.
Lorena works to prevent domestic violence.
Today, Lorena says she's a much different woman than the one we saw on TV. "Definitely time heals," she says. "I evolve as a woman. … It's wonderful to actually learn from your mistakes and to apply it into your life."

Thanks to therapy, Lorena says she was able to break the cycle of abuse and get to this place in her life. Talking about what happened is also therapeutic, she says. "They said once you start talking about things, you start healing."

In 2007, Lorena also launched Lorena's Red Wagon , an organization dedicated to the prevention of domestic violence. "It's wonderful to know that I help other women working in a shelter," she says.
Lorena says John Wayne Bobbitt has tried to contact her over the years.
If she could do one thing differently, Lorena says she would have never married John.

Since that June night in 1993, John has capitalized on his fame by appearing in adult films and celebrity boxing matches, which Lorena says doesn't surprise her. "It did bother me because that was a tragic thing to do, and I was a victim," she says. "He was a victim some, but at the same time, he was taking advantage of that tragedy."

Lorena says John has tried to contact her over the years, and sometimes he sends cards or flowers on Valentine's Day. But she says she's not interested in keeping in touch. "I never answer his calls. Are you kidding me?" she says. "Never, ever, ever."

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