Since she's been home, Kelly has set other goals for herself. She says she was accepted into beauty school and is trying to find a job. "Little steps at a time. If I don't get a job this week, I'll get a job next week," she says. "If I don't get one next week, there's always tomorrow."

Kelly says she knows there will be setbacks, but if she can learn from her mistakes, she'll be fine. She credits her strong support system for making this transition back into society easier than the last.

As additional motivation, Kelly knows that if she's convicted of another felony, she could spend a minimum of 14 years behind bars. If this happens, Lorri says she'll seek full custody of John, Janet and Jackson. "It's the last time, and then I take the kids," Lorri says. "I can't put the kids through it anymore. They don't deserve it."


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