When Kelly's train finally arrives at her stop, her mom and children rush out to greet her. "When she came off that train, it was probably the best feeling in the world," Lorri says. "It's hard when your loved one's away."

Janet and Jackson give their mom big hugs, though John is more hesitant. Despite the challenges she may face, Kelly says coming home to her family felt incredible. "I missed them. It was a chance to spend time with them without people around," she says. "They can run around. They can be themselves, and we can all play together. It's a great feeling."

Watch Kelly describe what it feels like to be home. Watch

Now that she's home, Kelly says she has to ease back into her children's lives. "The power struggle is there right now," she says. "I'll say no, and they'll run to [my mom]. … I'm trying to not be too overbearing with them right now, because I don't want them to think that I'm going to come in and just be the ruler."


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