I am 9 years old and a few years behind in school. I am supposed to be in fourth grade, but moving around has left me behind. One day, my teacher comes up to me in the beginning of my third grade year and says, "Young lady, you have got to learn your times tables or you cannot pass on to fourth grade!" I am very upset. I cannot flunk third grade. So what do I do? I go to the library and check out 4th Grade Adventures, a computer game, and stay at the library every day after school. That year, I tested in the 97th percentile in math and 94th in English. My test scores placed me in the 99th percentile overall, and since then, I have been considered gifted. I cannot let homelessness stop me from learning. This attitude has followed me to today.

After this moment in third grade, I realized that if I wanted to continue learning, I would have to teach myself, make sure that I did not fall behind, and learn to adapt to the whims of wherever I would live. Therefore, this is what I did and have been doing for all of my life. After this experience, I skipped two more grades and I finally was in the 10th grade, my right grade, when I had another dilemma. I was 35 credits, a whole year behind in high school. I remembered how my mom and I researched food banks by asking other homeless people where to eat. Therefore, I knew that if I wanted to become a smart, successful scholar, I should talk to other smart people. I asked questions and learned that I could catch up credit wise by taking community college courses. When I signed up for my first set of classes, however, I had to move again. Thank goodness, I learned patience a long time ago.


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