Blue-footed booby

The Blue-Footed Booby
The wonderful blue-footed booby, with our ship in the background.

The beautiful Galápagos landscape
Island landscape

Island Landscape
Layers of volcanic activity have created a landscape like no other in the world.

The whole group aboard the boat
The whole group

The Whole Group
The whole, happy gang.

Jane Fonda enjoying the trip
Jane Fonda on the boat

Jane Fonda Onboard
 Jane, onboard.

Jane and her family
The family

Jane Fonda's Family
The family: Simone Bent, Vanessa Vadim, Jane Fonda, Troy Garity, Malcolm Vadim, Viva Vadim (in front).

Getting close with the inhabitants
Viva Vadim with a snake skeleton

Snake Skeleton on the Beach
Viva with a snake skeleton.

The marine life up close
Malcolm and Viva Vadim with a sea lion

Sea Lion on the Beach
 Malcolm and Viva with a sea lion.

Meet the marine iguana
The marine iguana

The Marine Iguana
 The marine iguana is one of many species that have evolved to survive in the Galapagos, and does not exist anywhere else in the world.

The majestic albatross
The Albatross

The Albatross
 The albatross, despite it's slightly goofy eyes, is a truly majestic bird.

An animal in its natural habitat
Animals in the Galapagos

Animals in the Galápagos

Because of environmental protection and a lack of predators, the animals in the Galápagos are surprisingly trusting of human visitors.