The first "bucket list" trip to support G-CAPP was a five-day hike on Peru's sacred Inca trail culminating at Machu Picchu. It wasn't easy to identify enough friends who possessed both money and the level of fitness required for the 14,000-foot altitude and steep trail, but I managed to raise $100,000 and have a life-altering experience.

My daughter Vanessa wanted to go to the Galápagos Islands with family and friends for her 40th birthday, and because this was a trip I'd long wanted for myself, we turned it into another G-CAPP fundraising adventure. I arranged with Lindblatt Expeditions and National Geographic to bring 42 friends and G-CAPP supporters for a weeklong visit to the islands. The agreement was that if I could fill their wonderful ship, the Islander, with paying passengers, they would donate $100,000 to G-CAPP.

My ex-husband, Ted Turner, had made the Galápagos trip the year before on that same ship with his five children, seven grandchildren and the staff of the Turner Family Foundation. They all gave such rave reviews of the ship, its staff and food, the National Geographic naturalists and everything about the experience that I was convinced this was just what I was looking for...a multigenerational vacation for fun and learning. It was a little risky because the group would be very diverse and, while I knew everyone, no one else did and there was no guarantee people would get along.

Jane used the equator to relieve her pain


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