To see how others in Rio live, Aline visits the home of her housekeeper, Maria. Maria lives in what's called a "favela" neighborhood. "A good translation would be slums," Aline says.

Located in a bustling neighborhood of stores, Maria's home is significantly smaller than Aline's—a bedroom is only big enough to hold a twin bed. "The thing that really got me amazed was the size of the place," she says. "I more or less expected the conditions that they have there. I didn't expect to see so many stores and shops. Maria lives in a very nice favela. There [are] no drugs inside of it, so she feels very safe there."

Because Brazil has one of the world's highest crime rates, Aline says security is a top priority for every citizen. "We never hide that security is one of our main problems in Rio," she says.

Still, Aline says the best thing about Rio is its people. "We are very optimistic, Brazilians in general," she says.


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