Little did Mike know, the darkest day was yet to come. On May 27, 2009, Mike's 4-year-old daughter Exodus died suddenly in a tragic household accident. Police reported that Exodus became tangled in a treadmill cord and strangled to death.

To this day, Mike says he doesn't know what really happened, and he doesn't want to know. "I started off to go about this in the wrong direction," he says. "But once I got there, I think from more of my experience in the rehab and all this, it just kicked in. Boom. It was all about being responsible. ... She had to be buried. She had to be taken care of, and I have no animosity. I didn't have anger toward anybody."

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If he knows the details of his daughter's death, Mike says there might be someone to blame. "And if there's somebody to blame for it," he says, "there will be a problem."

Mike says he's using tools he learned in rehabilitation to deal with the loss and stay on the right course.


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