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I am beyond excited about the inauguration! January 20 is my sister's birthday and what a way to celebrate! We will both be in D.C. for this historic event. As children of immigrant parents, we are especially cognizance of this election and the opportunity that awaits. The funny thing is, I felt that this election helped me to become an adult. What I mean by this is that I am more aware of our country and the needs. I watch and read more news information and am looking for ways to stay involved and help my community.

My first rally was in California with Oprah, Michelle Obama, Caroline Kennedy and Maria Shriver. That was a turning (aha!) moment for me. I realized that this election was not just about Obama, but about all of us. It was my/our responsible to do what we can to make this country better. I was moved to get involved and encourage others to make their voices heard. Now, to be able to experience a president be inaugurated is an awe-inspiring moment that is not to be missed. I feel like I am a part of history!

— Belinda of Washington, D.C.