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I am a white woman who grew up in a "mixed area" of Detroit. My first best friends were black. As a child, you know the color of your skin is not the same, but it stops there. You just have fun together as all friends do. As you get older, you "learn" people hate because of the color of skin. White hates black; black hates white. It was a very unsettling time. As a mother, you pray you will teach your children a better way, understanding that if you rise above the color of a person's skin or other mindless chatter, we could make something great happen in this world.

Obama gives me that hope. This is a man of quiet dignity who, by the people of this land, has been bestowed the highest honor you can give a U.S. citizen. President-elect Obama has transcended all cultures [and] is supported and celebrated by the masses. President-elect Obama opens a new chapter in this county—one of courage, hope, dignity and equality for all the citizens of this United States of America.

— Dianne of Clarkston, Michigan