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I bought tickets and reserved hotel rooms on October 30 because I knew in my heart that we were done with not being one nation. One of my friends said that I was confident. Indeed, I was. There are certainly still problems in this country, but we're agreeing to stick together to fix them—finally!

I am not of mixed race, but I am adopted. It's not the same thing, but I do understand what it's like not to fit in or to know "which group" you're a part of. My grandmother helped raise me, and my adoptive mother is from Missouri. I am confident that [Barack Obama's] family had a great influence on him. I lived it. I am grateful to be a part of this celebration. It's for everybody…all of us!

Clearly, as a white woman, I cannot completely understand what it means to people whose relatives were enslaved. However, I can understand that we're tired of the arguing and the fighting and being told that we hate each other—we just don't. Most of us, the human ones of us, want to celebrate the diversity and are willing to stick together to get there. It's going to take work, but we now have a great leader who is a hardworking man himself. He leads by example, and what an example he has set! I'm really proud of us for sticking together, and I am so looking forward to being there with 4 million of my fellow citizens as we embark on this journey.

— Judi of Seattle