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This time in history means to me that all I was told as a child that could be achieved is actually achievable. I am so happy to be alive and experience this moment in time. I started at the beginning in Springfield, Illinois, and Iowa and clung to every victory and defeat. I feel like I was running right along with Obama. My family will have our own inaugural party.

I am a grandmother of five, and the oldest is a new college student. She and I were having one of our many conversations about what can happen when you truly apply yourself. My granddaughter is now able to understand that with hard work and credibility, she too can conquer the world. We know Barack's history will be chronicled in the history books. We need to think about where our own history will end up. This is the time to grab on to the wave and the stars, reach for our own piece of history while Obama claims his.

— Sheila of Sauk Village, Illinois