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I worked on the campaign of JFK—just a child, a Catholic and so proud when he was elected. I cried in my room for hours the day he died. I remained very active in campaigns through my early 20s, then life got complicated. Somehow, I lost my enthusiasm for politics. I voted but was detached. I saw Barack Obama's speech four years ago and found my curiosity sparked. I was surprised when he announced he would run for president this time around but hoped he might be heard.

I have been so proud the last few months to see so many respond to this bright and capable man. I was without words when they announced his victory (not really like me) and am so filled with hope for his presidency. I realize he is taking on a monumental task, and I trust that this man will surround himself with the people who can truly help and advise him as he navigates through our problems. I pray for courage and wisdom and hope for all of us. May all our elected officials rise to the occasion and help this extraordinary man set us on course to reclaim the American dream.

— Rosemary of El Sobrante, California