If we truly want to save our planet, we have to become active citizens in our democracy. We all need to take action—we can educate our family, friends and neighbors, we can vote, we can write letters to the editor, we can visit with our elected representatives. We have teamed up with wecansolveit.org for information on how to get started.

Attend or host an event
Whether you are a party animal or a wallflower, prefer lectures or cocktails, you can help promote solutions to climate change by supporting or hosting an event in your community. Get some friends together for a viewing of An Inconvenient Truth . Or, whip up some classy invitations and host a dinner party.

Write Elected Officials
Regardless of how you voted, once in office, elected officials need to know that you are depending on them to solve the climate challenge. Write and tell them what's at stake. Get letter-writing tips.

Write a Letter to the Editor
Sports magazines, community newspapers, church newsletters…chances are, all of them accept letters to the editor. These publications are in business because of their readers, and they want to hear from you! Writing a letter to the editor is not difficult and can be more influential than you think. Think of a publication that you read regularly and find a recent article that you can tie into the climate crisis. Use these ideas to get started.

Minimize Your Own Impact
The most important thing you can do to help fight climate change is to call on your elected officials to enact policies that will help solve it. However, you can save money and reduce your own contribution to global warming by making climate-friendly choices each day. By doing these small things, you can make a big difference.
Information provided by wecansolveit.org


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