Buy recycled aluminum foil.

Purchase recycled foil
During a simple trip to the grocery store, you make hundreds of decisions that can have real environmental impacts. With just a few easy changes, you can make a positive difference in the world.

For example, instead of buying regular aluminum foil or plastic wrap, look for the recycled variety. It uses just 1/20th of the energy needed to produce regular foil.
Look for items without extensive packaging.

Look for items without extensive packaging
Most food packaging material uses some petroleum-based plastic. There are several ways to cut down on the energy and waste this produces. Look for minimally or unpackaged items instead. Experiment with bringing your own packaging or buying in bulk. Purchase brands that use bio-based instead of petroleum-based plastic. Recycle or reuse packaging materials you end up having to buy.
Use cloth grocery bags.

Bring a cloth bag to the grocery store
An estimated 500 billion to 1 trillion plastic bags are consumed worldwide each year. That's 1 million bags used per minute. And, according to the EPA, more than 380 billion of those are discarded in the U.S. Less than 1 percent of those are actually recycled. Instead, these bags will clog landfills, create litter, choke streams and harm marine wildlife, like whales, seals and sea turtles.
Buy organic.

Buy local and organic
Buying seasonal, locally produced food helps in a number of ways. Most food travels 1,500 miles from "farm to fork." But buying local food drastically reduces the energy spent on food shipping. Local goods also tend to use minimal packaging, are fresher and come in more varieties. The best way to track down local food is at your local farmers markets or through the Community Supported Agriculture department. Farmers who grow produce organically use less fossil fuel and release fewer greenhouse gasses into the atmosphere. Organic farming is better for the land, for the farmers, and for the consumers.
Skip the bottled water.

Skip the bottled water
As much as 40 percent of bottled water in the United States is actually from municipal water systems. Switching to tap water would save 1.5 million tons of plastic.
Green cleaning supplies

What are you cleaning with?
If every household in the U.S. replaced just one bottle of 50-ounce ultra-petroleum-based liquid laundry detergent with a bottle of 50-ounce vegetable-based detergent, it could save 99,000 barrels of oil. That's enough to heat and cool 5,700 homes for a year