A: We are first and foremost a fishing village, and all but a very few of us make a living solely from the sea. We are a resilient bunch by necessity. Lobster fishermen aren't in the business to get rich. They do it for the love of the job.

Fishermen on why they love what they do.  Watch

Recent changes in federal regulations and the downturn in the economy have slashed incomes and increased the cost of doing business. Every family has been affected, and our whole island culture is threatened. We look at our future and the future of our children as an opportunity to grow while holding tight to our simple lives and old- fashioned ideals. We have all the modern technological advantages of the mainland and hope to put them to use to forge a new path that will still enable us to enjoy the freedom and connection to the sea and nature we cannot live without, while maintaining our self-reliance with dogged determination.


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