A: Life on Frenchboro is likely worlds apart from what most people are living. There are no movie theaters, clothing stores, hairdressers, ice cream parlors or hardware stores. There are no restaurants. There is no "getting home late and ordering a pizza." When it's cold and rainy and the kids have been cooped up, there is no indoor amusement park or bowling alley to bring them to. 

And we don't care; we don't miss these things at all. 

What we do have is the most beautiful, peaceful and serene surroundings anyone could wish for. We have a tight-knit community, where everybody knows not only your name, but everything there is to know about you. There may not be takeout, but if you are struggling or ill, a neighbor is likely to bring a full dinner to your door at dinnertime, unasked. Our kids are well versed in entertaining themselves and have only to wait a few hours for low tide to pick around the clam flats. We frequently gather at one house or another for coffee or any excuse to visit.


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