When she woke up in the hospital, Sgt. Munley's first words were, "Did anybody die?" "I was very concerned as to who else had been injured as well," she says.

Sgt. Munley says she's taking her recovery slowly and is looking forward to getting back to a normal life. "Every day is a progress for me, and things are getting better day by day," she says. "Emotionally, I'm just hoping that the rest of the officers and the injured and the families of the deceased are healing as well."

Senior Sgt. Todd says he thanks God that he was able to walk away without injury. "Directly after it, I sent my wife a text and my sister a text [saying]: ' Shooting at Fort Hood. I'm okay. I'll call when I can,'" he says. "We're trained to do whatever we need to do so we can walk home at the end of the day and hug our families and just be normal people."

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