Senior Sgt. Todd arrived at the scene at the same time as Sgt. Munley. "It was just a typical day, and then we got the call that shots fired," he says. "Initially in my mind I was thinking: 'Okay, this is Fort Hood. We have memorial services all the time. They were practicing the three-round volleys that they do for the memorial ceremonies.'"

Still, Senior Sgt. Todd went to investigate. "The [radio] came back saying there were shots fired while they were taking phone calls," he says.

Once inside, Sgt. Munley says there wasn't much time to think. "We get so attuned to training, and we're very fortunate that it becomes second nature and kind of reflexive for us to react," she says.

Senior Sgt. Todd managed to get the gun away from the alleged shooter. He says it was the first time he'd ever used his weapon in 25 years of law enforcement. "We're trained to shoot until there's no longer a threat. And once he was laying down on his back, his weapon just fell into his hand and I'm like, 'Okay, now's the time to rush him and secure him,'" he says. "I ran up and I kicked his weapon away and then we placed him in handcuffs, and after searching him for any other weapons and everything, we started the lifesaving measures on him."


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