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Lisa P. Jackson, Administrator, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
Best Habit: Turn off your screen savers and set your computers to sleep or standby mode after 30 minutes. A desktop screen saver can use 68 watts of electricity, while a sleeping computer can use just three.

Favorite Product: Energy Star-qualified decorative lights. If every set sold in the United States met that criterion, we'd prevent a billion pounds of greenhouse gas emissions and save $80 million on electricity in one year.


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Frances Beinecke, President, National Resources Defense Council
Best Habit: Observe Meatless Mondays. Eating less meat is good for our health and for the environment, and joining a large movement with a common goal is a motivating way to keep it up. has great recipes, tips, and community support.

Favorite Product: The SodaStream. The average American drinks nearly 500 cans' worth of soda annually, but with this home sodamaker, you get bubbly drinks without having to lug home (and toss) all that plastic and aluminum.

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Graham Hill, Founder, and
Best Habit: Make home design and fashion choices based on classic, timeless styles. Environmentalists often want to talk about the greenest materials or recycled content, but sometimes the best move for you and the planet is to buy something you really love that will last a long time.

Favorite Product: A multifunction cast-iron pan from Le Creuset. I use it all the time, and I'll be able to pass it on to my grandchildren. Plus, it's healthier than nonstick pans that can emit potentially sickening fumes when overheated.

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Karen Washington, Cofounder, Black Urban Growers in New York City
Best Habit: Collect rainwater. Why waste drinking water on plants when they perk right up with rainwater, which isn't treated with chemical softeners? You can buy special barrels, but I just place a large garbage pail under my gutters.

Favorite Product: A compost bin like the one from Worm Factory, which houses worms that turn food scraps and paper into compost. It makes amazing fertilizer for plants.


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Summer Rayne Oakes, Cofounder,, a resource for eco-minded designers
Best Habit: Grow something in your home—on your porch, on your windowsill, wherever there's space. I'm even growing a vertical garden on my bedroom wall. It's a daily reminder that we're all connected to the planet in a million ways, big and small.

Favorite Product: Saje Goddess Goodness RemeTea (, an organic blend made in biodegradable pouches. I sweeten it with organic honey from

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