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Swim with Jellyfish

Swim with Jellyfish  
Sometimes, you just need to get away—far, far away. These unique travel destinations will open a new world of exploration and adventure!   Take a trip to the Rock Islands for a cool dip with the golden jellyfish. Located in the Pacific island of Palau, Jellyfish Lake is a completely landlocked saltwater lake that used to have an output to the ocean. Today, the jellyfish that live there feed on algae and have lost their stinging ability, so tourists can enjoy swimming with the creatures up close and personal.

Don't miss: The chance to scuba dive while you're there. Palau is known as one of the world's best diving destinations!

For more information, visit the Palau Visitors Authority website.
Try spelunking

Try Spelunking  
Showering waterfalls, caves and slides will challenge you as you climb and explore the canyons of New Zealand. Leap from a subterranean waterfall and try your skills at "black-water rafting" as you take in all the adventures the country has to offer.

Don't miss: The Waitomo Glowworm Caves, where you can take a guided tour to "Glowworm Grotto" and witness thousands of tiny glowworms creating an incandescent, glittering glow throughout the caves.

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Cave tubing

Cave Tubing  
Go cave tubing in Belize! Begin your adventure by trekking through the breathtaking nature trails in the Belizean rainforest. Explore beautiful dry caves and the Maya underworld when you float on a rubber inner tube through the formations of the Caves Branch River.

Don't miss: The amazing stalagmite and stalactite formations filling the underground river caves as you tube and hike.

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Experience an ice hotel.

Bunk in an Igloo  
From Sweden to Canada to Finland, ice hotels are popping up in locations across the globe. The unique hotels, which melt every year and are rebuilt the next season, offer walls and fixtures made entirely of ice. Most are furnished with amenities like artic sleeping bags, meals prepared over an open fire, reindeer parks and even chapels. The fact that the hotels melt each year means that the architecture of each space is constantly changing.

Don't miss: Activities like bobsledding, ice fishing and snowshoeing while you are in the cold climate.  
Bathe and relax in Iceland's Blue Lagoon.

Take a Dip in Geothermal Seawater  
Bathe and relax in the Blue Lagoon in southwestern Iceland, a geothermic destination spa filled with over 6 million liters of perfectly hot seawater (the average temperature is a Jacuzzi-like 104 degrees). The lagoon is known for its healing power and unique active mineral ingredients that cleanse and refresh the skin, making this a hot spot for those who want to pamper themselves.

Don't miss: The Blue Lagoon Restaurant, a place for gourmet cuisine using the freshest Icelandic ingredients on the market—the perfect place to relax after a long day of pampering.

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Swim with great whites.

Dive with Sharks  
If lying on the beach with a book sounds like a bore, why not spend your vacation face to face with a 2,700 pound shark? Check out Shark Alley off of Dyer Island in South Africa, a breeding ground for whales, dolphins and a plethora of sharks. Instructors assist you as you deep-sea dive—while safely inside a cage—with Great Whites. Remember: This is an activity to do with professionals only.

Don't miss: The whale-watching tours because you might not have any adrenaline left after your shark excursion.

Learn more about Shark Alley.  
Sleep in a treehouse

Lodge in a Treehouse
Relive your childhood—with or without your kids—by sleeping among the exotic birds and monkeys in a "treesort." You can visit destinations like Brazil, Costa Rica and Turkey to take in their spectacular scenery while staying right in the forest. Many treehouse hotels offer accommodations like thatched roofs, suspended walkways, steel-cable bridges and leaf-covered showers. Each house usually sleeps two to six people. Swiss Family Robinson, here we come!

Don't miss: Jungle treks, fishing trips, zip-lining and rope-climbing amid the tropical forest while you're there.