Drew Barrymore gives a donation to Josette Sheeran from the World Food Program.

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Josette Sheeran, executive director of the WFP, says the world is in the midst of an international food crisis. Without proper funding, she says she fears her agency won't be able to meet the needs of starving families. "Every six seconds, we lose a child to hunger," she says. "The crazy thing is, we don't need a new scientific breakthrough to end this."

The WFP says in order to make sure no child goes to school hungry, they need $3 billion. "That's not a permanent $3 billion because communities take over the program all the time," Josette says. "Last year, Jordan and Morocco took full control of the program. It's not permanent giving."

To jump-start the donations, Drew presents Josette with a $1 million check! Though most people can't give this big, Drew says you can change a child's life for as little as 25 cents a day.

"I know it's important to act locally, but think globally," she says. "Ninety-three percent of it goes directly into these children's hands and gives them the chance at having a future. ... I'm able to make this incredible donation. This has changed my life, but I encourage everyone to give [what they can]."