Drew Barrymore and Oprah

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After working with the World Food Program for two years, Drew was asked by the United Nations to be an Ambassador Against Hunger. "Working with them for the last few years has really, really changed me," she says. "I found the thing that I love working with."

Drew says she continues to be inspired by the people she works with around the world. "I feel like their student," she says. "I go on their missions, I film it, I document it, and I learn about it. I've learned what's important."

During her travels, Drew says the most important thing she's learned is that food is the basis for everything. "I didn't understand that in order to take the AIDS vaccination medicine, you have to have the food for your system to handle the pills," she says.

Malnourishment also effects a child's education. According to the United Nations, 59 million children around the world go to school hungry every day. "These children have such a capacity to learn when they're nourished with these cups of foods," Drew says. "It's unacceptable that they don't have these opportunities, and it takes so little to change their lives."