The new Angel Network neighborhood in Jackson, Mississippi.

After witnessing the devastating aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, Oprah pledged $10 million of her own money toward building homes—and rebuilding lives. Viewers also opened their hearts, donating more than $10.5 million to Oprah's Angel Network Katrina projects. In November, 2005, 50 families were surprised with new homes on Angel Lane in Houston!

NBA star Kevin Garnett saw Oprah's announcement and was inspired to help—in a big way. He pledged to sponsor the building of one Katrina home from the Oprah's Katrina Homes Registry every month for the next two years—that's $1.2 million for a new Angel Network neighborhood in Jackson, Mississippi!
Kevin Garnett and Gayle King share the exciting news.

In Jackson, almost 400 volunteers are busy hammering and hauling to build the first 10 of 18 Habitat for Humanity homes. Two days into the blitz build, Kevin drops in to roll up his sleeves—and surprise some of the Katrina families who still don't know they're building their own homes! "I want to be the first to tell you that everybody [here] who applied is getting a home on this street today!"

Oprah's best friend Gayle King is standing by with more news for the excited families—their homes will be beautifully furnished when they move in.

To help get the building party started, Lowe's provides jam-packed toolboxes to each family!
Nate Berkus

Nate has been busy dreaming up plans for the new Oprah's Angel Network Katrina homes. First, he's selected the perfect exterior paint colors from Lowe's American Tradition Paint—bright and cheerful! Inside each home he coordinates beautiful furniture from Storehouse and Young America. Finally, Nate heads to Target for accessories and everything else the new homes will need.

For personal touches to each home, Nate enlists the help of artist Heather Gentile. She creates original artwork for every home—with colors that match their home's décor and personal details such as the family's name, initials, or even the date they moved into their house.
It's move-in day!

Finally the big day has arrived. In the new Angel Network neighborhood in Jackson, Mississippi, 18 brand new homes are ready for the survivors of Hurricane Katrina.