Warning: The material on this page is graphic and not intended for children.

Maureen says the first video they found on the teen's computer featured a little girl who was 4 or 5 years old. "She is in a bedroom. There are other children on the bed as well, and she is bound from her hands. They're bound to her ankles by duct tape," she says. "There is an adult male in the room with no clothing on who begins to fondle her. The child is completely exposed, and there is no mistaking what is happening. The guy rapes her."

Chuck says the video lasts for more than 40 minutes. In this time, the child endures repeated penetration by an adult male, Maureen says.

Another video shows a young girl putting her mouth and hands on a dog's sexual organs. "There's a person shooting that from underneath the dog telling her: 'No, do it this way. No, do it again,'" Maureen says.

"This is what we mean by child pornography," Oprah says.


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