Day 3

tokyoRent collapsible bike. Receive order to find "octopus in a bowl."

tokyoBike to Imperial Palace. Develop deep gratitude for helmet; earn mockery from schoolchildren.

tokyoAsk happy retirees for evening activity.

tokyoContinue trend of healthy eating with Hawaiian-themed hamburger.

tokyoEngage in heartfelt photo sessions with young women dressed as cats.

tokyoReceive list of TV host's favorite Tokyo experiences: soba noodles, small bars, public baths, crowded subway trains.

tokyoRakugo! You can't see it, but this man has on tap shoes.

tokyoEat raw squid. Meet charming businessman and wife, who recommend a visit to their neighborhood temple.

Favorite Tokyo pastime: shopping. Visit photo booth arcade!
Photos: Jun Takagi


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