Salvation Army - Carl Sithole Centre (CSC) helps families affected by AIDS/HIV.

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Salvation Army—Carl Sithole Centre (CSC) operates an HIV/AIDS program and initiative in over 300 community centers in Southern Africa, they have more than 250 trained officers giving leadership and support. To date, the Salvation Army—CSC, located in Johannesburg has a registered membership of 24,000 committed caring persons.

The programs strongly emphasize the involvement of women, youth and children, conducting specific targeted activities and services for these particular groups. These services include intervention, counseling, and healthcare programs to those affected by HIV/AIDS related matters.

The Salvation Army—CSC works diligently to design sustainable programs and capitalize maximally on the existing community and institutional resources. Their primary focus is on the work in historically disadvantaged, socially and economically deprived communities in the region.

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