Borrow Camping Gear

If you're new to camping or don't do it very often, rent your gear or borrow it from a friend and you'll save up to $1,500. You'll also conserve the resources used to produce new equipment, which for most people sits in the garage or basement and gathers dust for 50 or more weeks per year.

Not only will you save the time it would take to shop for the right gear but you can avoid buyer's regret. In fact, if you're thinking of buying your own gear, renting first can be a great way to try out different styles and brands to see which you like best.

How do you stay green while on summer vacation? Share your comments below.

Elizabeth Rogers is the co-author of The Green Book. Her latest book,Shift Your Habit, is about a new way of thinking that leads to both saving money and living consciously.

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