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The cocoa butter, jojoba, and almond oils in Steamcream lock in moisture, while oatmeal extract and lavender oil soothe irritation. And are the limited edition and recyclable tins cute, or what?

The rich formula of Mor Essentials Hand Creams contains ultrahydrating ingredients like shea butter and aloe vera, plus antioxidant beet extract to protect hands from free radicals and prevent signs of aging. Of the five luxurious scents, we're sweet on Sugar Rose Tiger Lily.

Eos Everyday Hand Lotion is infused with skin-calming oat extract, hydrating aloe vera, shea butter, and vitamins C and E. Bonus points: It's free of potentially irritating parabens.

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Drop an Yves Rocher Fizzy Bath Sugar Cube into your tub and behold the fizzfest of brilliantly colored bubbles. Each cube delicately scents the air with organic raspberry, wild blackberry, Malaysian coconut, yellow peach, vanilla, or honey. How sweet it is!
$2 each;

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It's almost enough to turn you into a gloss junkie: Make Up For Ever Lab Shine Lip Gloss are available in 35 shades from clear gloss to an everyday pink to a dark plum divided among three different finishes. From left, the Diamond Collection gives you a lot of shimmer; the Metal Collection, a glossy, reflective look without sparkle; and the Star Collection, natural-looking shine. We're hooked!
$18 each;

When's the last time you saw an ad for anti-aging skincare featuring a woman who actually looked as if she could use it? Probably never. That's why I was surprised and delighted to see the actress Jacqueline Bisset as the face of Avon's Anew Platinum line, looking every bit her age she's 66. Her skin is beautiful—and lined. Her face is even a little poochy where it's supposed to be when you haven't gotten all surgical with it. Best of all is the message Avon is sending by choosing her to represent the brand: You can be beautiful and real. For a mainstream beauty company, that's a big step. And a very, very smart one. —Valerie Monroe

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