Adam Glassman
Q: My tights tear after a couple of wearings. Where can I find brands that last?

A: Longevity depends less on fancy labels (discounted pairs are often perfectly fine) and more on shopping and wearing habits. My bill of rights for tights:
  • Buy the correct size—too small, and they rip; too large, and you're always yanking them up.
  • Groom prudently, making sure that legs are moisturized and stubble-free, and toenails and fingernails are short and rounded.
  • Put tights on s-l-o-w-l-y, working them up your legs.
  • Store them responsibly in a silk bag or old pillowcase, not in a drawer.

O Magazine's favorite lingerie soap Pampered tights live longer: no hot water or dryers. Handwash or run the machine's delicate cycle using a mesh hosiery bag.

Lingerie soap, The Laundress, $18

Find tights that last Brown tight, Spanx, $26. Cranberry tight, Fogal, $43

Photos: Adam: Robert Trachtenberg; Tights; bottle: Lara Robby/Studio D


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