What's Right with This Picture? Jean Koerner

Jean Koerner, 38
Yoga teacher

What she sees: "When I look in the mirror, all I see are my close-together, beady, asymmetrical eyes."

What Bobbi sees: "Oh, excuse me? I don't even notice that Jean's eyes are asymmetrical. Maybe because I work on so many faces and all of them are asymmetrical to some degree. What I see is Jean's beautiful skin, her strong brows, her gorgeous mouth. While Jean is focusing her attention on her 'beady' eyes, she hasn't registered that her mouth is perfectly shaped and her lips have a naturally lovely, deep pink color. Not to mention, but of course I will, that her jawline is exquisite and a pop of blush on her cheekbones will emphasize the shape of her face. Her right eyelid is a little lower than her left; I'll apply liner just a bit thicker on that eye to even out what Jean describes as lack of symmetry. I mean, is she beautiful, or what?"
What's Right with This Picture? Sohnia van der Puije

Sohnia van der Puije, 22
Film student

What she sees: "When I smile, my face drowns in my cheeks. And my lips are weird—two different colors!"

What Bobbi sees: "Sohnia's spectacular cheekbones and her ravishing, full mouth—I noticed both from across the room—are her most stunning features. I'm going to bring out her cheeks, rather than downplay them, with a bright blush, because when she smiles it's her mouth that dominates, not her cheeks. I wish Sohnia could see that her cheeks are perfectly proportioned to her face. I love that her lower lip is slightly lighter than her top lip; the pale pink is pretty against her skin. So I'll just line and add a petal pink gloss to her upper lip to define and attract attention to it. Look at her! Sohnia is a 100-percent stunner."
What's Right with This Picture? Beverley Murphy

Beverley Murphy, 40
Yoga studio owner

What she sees: "My ruddy complexion completely overwhelms my face."

What Bobbi sees: "Astonishing lavender eyelids—that's the first thing I noticed about Beverley. Her skin is so poreless and fine that you can almost see through it, which is why the veins on her lids are visible. But she thinks of that as a problem, and I see it as an inspiration. I'm going to use lavender shadow on her huge, expressive eyes and line them with black plum to bring out their green color. She reminds me of a beautiful, blonde fairy-tale princess—everything about her is cool and pastel-y. There's a little ruddiness around her nose, but it's easily masked with concealer; once I play up her luminous eyes, add a pale lavender gloss on her lips, and a soft pink blush, she won't even remember that ruddiness was an issue."
What's Right with This Picture? Cynthia Anthonio

Cynthia Anthonio, 38
Clothing designer

What she sees: "Forehead. And more forehead."

What Bobbi sees: "Cynthia has a fantastic, sophisticated, European look. [She's originally from Holland.] Her face is very sensuous because she has these huge, dark, wide-open eyes and a great, strong chin. That's where my eye is drawn, right to the cleft in her chin; her face has so much character. There are a couple of things to do to bring attention to the lower half of Cynthia's face. One is to add a deep blush to her cheekbones; the other is to play up her mouth with a stain of color. Both will balance her high forehead, which, by the way, I think is beautiful; it's exactly in sync with Cynthia's other strong features."
What's Right with This Picture? Deborah Gear

Deborah Gear, 52
Voice-over artist

What she sees: "I'm all washed-out and wrinkly."

What Bobbi sees: "Deborah has the most amazing stature; she holds her body beautifully. She has a long, graceful neck, and an open face with wide, engaging eyes. I don't see the crepiness that bothers her at all; in fact, the texture of her skin is remarkably velvety and smooth. It's the perfect kind of skin for applying makeup. I think what's making Deborah feel washed-out is her fair lashes and brows, so black mascara is huge for her, and I'll use a lot of it. (She would really benefit from having her lashes tinted; it might make her feel more awake even before she puts on mascara.) A little shadow on her brows will define and darken them; I'll add a navy liner to give her eyes some depth. The first thing I noticed about Deborah is that she exudes confidence and friendliness and a kind of vitality. Deborah, you say you're how old?"