Lonneke Engel

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Beauty Bonus: Make a Statement
The Hair: The side part and volume are key to this hairstyle on Lonneke Engel, model and creator of OrganiceYourLife.com. Gibson rolled Engel's hair under, using three large Velcro rollers along the crown, and medium-sized rollers over the rest of her head, pulling hair tight and smooth. He sprayed Engel's hair (using his own Beautiful Hold Hairspray) and let it set for about 20 minutes. Then he removed the rollers and made a deep side part. With a curling iron, he curled thick sections of hair, turning them under. "You can see the effort," Gibson says, "but she still looks approachable."

The Makeup: "The combination of a red lipcolor and a shimmery pink eyeshadow adds a hit of glamour," says Linter. After applying foundation all over Engel's face, Linter used a soft peach shadow base on her lids. Then she blended a touch of blush just under her browbone, followed by pink shadow all over the lid. Using a dark brown pencil liner just below Engel's bottom lashline, she smudged it with her finger to create a smoky effect. She curled Engel's lashes and applied two coats of black mascara. A pop of soft pink blush and a deep red lipstick finish the look.
Dress, Ports 1961. Earrings, M. Flynn.