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Take the Sit-Down Test
Some outfits look good when you're standing up, but when you're seated across from your potential employer it could reveal...ahem...a whole other side of you. Buttons can gape, skirts can ride up, and your bra can peek out from what you thought was a demure blouse. Pull a chair up in front of a mirror and take a seat—this helps you spot problem areas you might otherwise miss, says Griffin. You should remember that your one-on-one may not always take place in an office. Andrea Bredau, vice president of human resources at Huge Incorporated, an interactive advertising agency, often meets with people in a lounge area with a low couch. She says that this slouchier seating arrangement recently revealed a well-qualified candidate's derriere—something she'd rather not remember. You can always take a photo of your interview outfit and send it to a friend for a second opinion. Do your dry run several days in advance so you have time to drag out the ironing board, make adjustments or visit the dry cleaner.

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