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Accessorize with Aplomb
Well-chosen accessories can telegraph your creativity and make you stand out in an applicant pool filled with play-it-safe pearls. However, Glassman once met with a candidate who had on earrings so large they resembled napkin rings, so he'd like to remind interviewees to choose one bold piece—like a vibrant beaded necklace or an oversize men's-style watch (free of gimmicky gems or wacky colors). Also, steer clear of big bracelets or large cocktail rings that can get in the way of a firm handshake.

When it comes to shoes, closed toe is the best way to go (even in the summer), says Griffin. Yours should be scuff-free but also comfortable (Rockport and Cole Haan both incorporate sneaker technology into their heels). Walking a few blocks to a restaurant for lunch is often part of the interview at many law firms or financial institutions. While the Duchess of Cambridge (Kate Middleton) may be bringing back buff hose one royal skirt suit at a time, if you're interviewing in a more conservative environment (like a bank or government office) where stockings are a must, Glassman says they should match your shoes for a leg-lengthening effect.