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Stick to the Classics
No matter what field you're interviewing in, you'll do well to find the line between looking stiff and looking sloppy. When it doubt, as O creative director Adam Glassman says, think classic—as in foolproof and flattering silhouettes, like the basic button-down (try the no-iron kind from Brooks Brothers), pencil skirt, slim trousers, and sheath dress, all of which are appropriate to wear to an interview in almost every industry.

Throw on a smart blazer (which conveys authority); it can also be taken off if you're feeling overdressed. "Don't forget to cut the zigzag thread stitched over pockets or the vent in a new jacket, skirt or pair of pants," says Griffin. If you agonize over coordinating separates, try purchasing a piece that comes already mixed and matched (like this two-in-one dress from the Limited that gives the illusion of a top and skirt). For law firms or investment banks, go with a suit. You'll want to avoid trendier pieces—mesh tops or pajama-inspired tops—even if your interview is at a dot-com or creative ad agency. (For those, choose one of the above tops and pair it with dark denim.)