In 2011, I was in an accident that left me with several indented scars on my right leg, impossible to hide with even the thickest concealer. So I was intrigued to learn about Dermaflage ($60), a tinted silicone-based formula (available in 12 shades) that acts like makeup spackle, temporarily filling the hollows of frown lines and scars to create a smooth surface. It was developed with the help of Hollywood special-effects makeup artists, but, luckily, you don’t need that level of expertise to use it.

Working in bright light to ensure the best result, I started by covering my scar with the clear liquid primer ($15). Then I twisted a mixing cap onto a syringe applicator that dispenses the two formulas of silicone. After dragging the tip over my scar, I used my fingers to blend the edges of the liquid before pressing the texture pad (a dimpled purple disc) over the Dermaflage to give it a natural finish. About two minutes later, I peeled off the pad and presto! My scar had nearly disappeared. And it stayed that way till I peeled off the product in the evening. Miniskirts, here I come!




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