The Last Emperor doesn't only focus on Valentino's work—it also captures the relationship he has with his partner of 45 years, Giancarlo Giammetti. "To be with Valentino as a friend, as a lover, as an employee is a bit insane," he says. "You need a lot of patience."

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During filming, Giancarlo says he eventually forgot the cameras were always around. "Everything started very small at the beginning," he says. "So you get used to having people around you. And at the moment you forget unless they are really intruding some special moment, then there is drama. But it was very surprising for ourselves to see ourselves so out of privacy."

Giancarlo and Valentino are used to living away from the spotlight, and Giancarlo says it was initially surprising to see themselves on film. "Then when we saw that the general public loved it, really discovered ... Valentino can be fun," Giancarlo says. "I think we appreciate ourselves, and we are not ashamed at all to have opened our heart."


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