Valentino is the subject of a riveting new documentary Valentino: The Last Emperor, which captures the final two years of his remarkable 45-year career. From the painstaking process of creating just one of his handmade gowns to his grand parties to his five pugs, the film captures the beauty in all aspects of the designer's life.

After seeing the documentary's premiere at the 2008 Venice Film Festival, Valentino says he felt like he had been stripped naked. "I had this camera behind my person almost every day for two years, and of course I was working," he says. "And sometimes I was not extremely gentle."

After seeing the film, Oprah says she now sees Valentino's creations as more than just clothing. "I really even more than ever looked at your dresses ... like little sculptures, like pieces of art," she says. 

From a dream to the runway, watch how Valentino creates a dress Watch

Valentino says he never designed for anyone but himself and the woman wearing his dress. "For me, one of the most important things is proportion," he says. "I look very carefully [at] all the detail of the human body of the woman."

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