Do you want to look years younger without going under the knife? Anastasia Soare, Hollywood's "queen of brows," says her tweezing technique can give a woman an instant facelift.

Oprah swears by this simple procedure. "You're going to see how having the right brow shape can literally lift up your whole face," she says.

Anastasia came to America from Romania more than 17 years ago with a passion for plucking, and she has built a beauty empire around eyebrows. Her technique follows the ancient Greek principle of the "golden proportion," which says that the human body is perfectly proportioned.

When Anastasia works with a client, she says she tries to find a brow shape that will create a nice proportion for the face. Once she establishes the place where the eyebrows should start—according to bone structure and the natural eyebrow shape—she chooses a stencil for her client.

Over-tweezing is the number one eyebrow blunder women make, Anastasia says. To find the perfect place to start tweezing, she says to use your natural eye shape to discover where your eyebrows should begin and end.

By positioning an eyebrow pencil straight up from the middle of your nostril to your eyebrows, you can see the point where the brow should begin. Then, by tilting the pencil on the outside corner of your nose, aligned with the outside corner of your eye, you can find the ending point. Finally, Anastasia says to take a pencil and line it up with the tip of the nose and middle of the eye's iris. The point where it hits the eyebrow is the perfect place for an arch.
Oprah's eyebrows, before and after

In anticipation of Anastasia's visit, Oprah grew out her brows so the audience could see the amazing before and after of a great eyebrow wax.

Oprah, who's been visiting Anastasia's Beverly Hills salon for years, says people really notice a difference when she has her eyebrows shaped. "Every time I get my brows done, the tabloids say I had a facelift," she says.
Shannon's eyebrows, before and after

Back in November 2005, Oprah met a woman in her audience who was in desperate need of Anastasia's expertise. Shannon had over-tweezed her brows so much that she had to draw them on with an eyebrow pencil every morning. Oprah promised Shannon that if she grew out her brows, she'd bring her back for an expert shaping.

Six months later, Shannon is back and ready for a waxing! Anastasia says that Shannon has plucked so much that parts of her brows will never grow back, but with the right beauty tools, she can still create a great shape.

To avoid plucking problems, Anastasia says every woman should see a professional the first time she tweezes. "I think an eyebrow can change the way you feel," she says. "It changes everything about your confidence."